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Old 07-20-2009, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
It is funny to win with 2 votes =P. Oh and bdw where is second close beta key since me and Haeso got third close beta key?
And once again gratz Aametherar for winning (damn i so envy him =P), and thanks Orcslayer and Thomas for voting for me. To bad Orcslayer you didnt get any votes, your suggestion was also good, specially those trees =).
And where it says -entry here-, i think should be some link there?, but it doesnt work =)
First beta is single player only and hardware issues primarily. second beta is the very basics of multiplayer including connectivity issues etc, third beta is MMORTS mode - I'm happy with third, more than happy lol. edit; a little off, but the idea is right.

"Closed Beta Stage 1 - we`ll begin by sending stripped down game client with updater tool and single-player skirmish to the first 50 testers. You`ll get a chance to play around with this for the first two weeks. During this phase we`ll be solving technical problems preventing people from starting the game, and other major crashes.

Closed Beta Stage 2 - will commence 2 weeks later. We`ll invite 50 additional testers, and send out a major update that will feature multiplayer skirmish mode. During stage 2 we`ll be fine tuning connectivity, chat and basics of player vs player gameplay. All 3 multilayer skirmish mods will be available, including team defense of huge capital fortresses."

from the beta questions thread, so yeah, first beta might not be the most fun, but very important that it goes well or the others can't really go on as scheduled. So do a good job Aametherar! Second beta sounds great, but third is the one I wanted to be in by for sure as it's my primary attraction to the game.

Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Yeah the links don't work, I just copy and pasted from the dofsource news post lol. I'll remove them now.
Uhm also for the third beta keys, I actually can't be completely sure about that yet - I'll have to confirm with the devs, you might get into 2nd, sorry for the confusion.

PS: Aametherar, remember your first post in this thread? If you held onto that you wouldn't win :P see?
I wouldn't complain about getting into the second for sure!

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