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Old 07-20-2009, 06:59 PM
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Darathor is someone to look uptoDarathor is someone to look upto

I don't like having my guys run away. It is in the TW series because it's realistic and has instanced battles. It would be way harder in an mmorts because it would be hard to calculate the number of units the unit that is under attack is near and how many are coming to aid them. It seems too complicated and unnecessary. Also, it would mess up a bunch of strategies, like sending a small force as a diversion, it wouldn't work as well if they ran away almost immediately when confronted with a vastly superior force.
For governments, if implemented(not sure if I want them) I would like to see few detractors, but make the bonuses unique. I don't want to choose a government but be limited in something and be beat just because they have a different government. You should only win because of you being a certain government only if you utilize all its advantages, not because its advantages exploit your opponents government weaknesses.

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