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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
Yes this would be very very lovely =), i also liked it at empire earth (it was far far away so i could mixed a game name =P). This would surly add some fun factor to game and gaining like titles -Kire the emperor or God Kire or King Kire ....- =P. But dont know how would democracy work... Asking parliament or people if you can attack player or to gain some money or create units ?=P
It would be also nice for role playing factor.. if one soldier is brave in combat and you like him you, as king, would give him title, but would not change stats.
Democracy could work the way it does in Galactic Civilizations for example. The better you treat your people the more they support your actions. They judge your leadership, and you get production bonuses for example from happy workers, where if they hate you they can rebel or run from battles more. Putting more power into the hands of your units by living in a democracy could give the greatest benefits as well as the greatest possible negative affects. An example of them not liking you is cause you tax em too much or declare war on another player and lose, or are just always at war getting them killed etc. I'd imagine it being more the type of government a turtle player would chose.

You could even have a religious based government...I'd go to war with you though ^_^. God Aametherar commands you to bow to the orcs.

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