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Old 09-03-2007, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Silent_Lamb View Post
Yes. I'm just having trouble understanding your point. Games online are in general a much different experience than single player matches in the first place. They are usually much more difficult depending on who you are playing with. The ability to stop the game and think is already in single player matches, it's just not equipped with a lot of the features I think would make it more interesting.

An example of this is, if your in a complicated battle and you want to step back and think you can always just open up the menu. People usually don't do this, but the option is there, just not refined. So, technically you could pause the game now, something you can't do online (usually unless both people agree to it). So, you've already got this ability, people who don't want to use it don't use, and those who do want to use it are left with just having to bring up the menu.

To sum up my point, if you don't want to develop a crutch then you wouldn't be forced to use the ability. If you really thought that it would hinder your ability to play online then avoid it, but I still think it would be a really enjoyable ability that would add a more strategical element to the game, and also let you pull off those complicated maneuvers you want to.

I'm just saying i a multiplayer match it would be kind of unfair for say a group of pros to be able to pause their game, think a complex strategy through and to do it. Multi-player should be fast-paced to me.
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