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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
On the features page, it says that emotions will be in-game, but how will they be implemented. It said on the page units have fear, does that mean they cower and slowly back away like in bfme2? But as for cheering, it makes the game feel more realistic and cool, though when will your units cheer? And what bonuses will they get exactly?
I hope the fear one doesn't make your units cower and do nothing like in bfme2, it was really aggravating and annoying.
Also, will critical strikes be in-game? If so, what units will have it and how much of a chance will it be to get a critical strike?
Units cheer when they defeat the enemy in a battle., currently units do not cower or become fearful, they'll just fight to the death, this may change though.

Our combat system is quite advanced, basically there is 4 main combat attributes: Hit Rating, Damage, Defense Rating, and Armor.

Hit Rating are the odds of making a successful attack,
Defense Rating is the opposite and counter of Hit Rating by lowering the odds of the attacker.
Damage is the damaged caused on a successful attack. There are multiple types of damages from slashing, crushing from calvary trampling and ogre clubbing, simple fire damage from fire arrows or even magic damages from spells of various elements.
Armor is the opposite and counter of Damage depending on the type.

[unconfirmed] There may also be damage absorption stats where unit's armor type can actually cause more damage rather reduce. Such as ice or fire damage on steal armor.
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