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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
Would there be a finite amount of territories? If there are, then where would new players go if all the territories are occupied?
Seems like a cool concept but I would prefer instead of paying resources to attack/defend and then attacking/defending I would want to just attack and not pay all these resources. But that's just me.
Yes, finite. Players aren't meant to hold their own territory, new players would join another kingdom or make their own with friends and expand using the ruleset provided, it would require more to start but it would be doable. The other option is to make it unlimited and expand the map as need be. Perhaps have part of the map under an unplayable faction that can't directly be attacked but will lose territory as needed to give new kingdoms a way to form. The other option is to make the game revolve around the race factions, where depending on your race you automatically join one of the three factions, possibly have smaller rogue factions as well. It would require a different ruleset, but it's easy to draw up.

As far as paying resources, there needs to be some cost to attacking or building up is too high risk with little reward. This is only for fights between territories though, not just regular matches.
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