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Originally Posted by Aametherar View Post
Seems like a Shattered Galaxy clone to me, which isn't a bad idea SG is a great game and great idea that i'm surprised noone else has marketed on, it's a prety open market, but I don't see it happening here unless its a major expansion.
Sort of, except the actual gameplay will be fun >_> I just don't enjoy the actual RTS portion for various reasons. The whole thing about it really is that it adds an optional depth for people that want it. An MMORTS has it's advantages and disadvantages, primarily the advantages of an MMO are persistence ie: Depth. I doubt this becomes a starcraft in terms of competitive ladder play, it's diehards are going to be the MMORTS players who enjoy RTSes but want more depth, want their army and city to grow. And this just adds something else to 'grow' as well.

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