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Default A persistent world for MMO mode.

This will be a lengthy post that will only get longer as I add to it over time, and don't bother posting if you can't take the time to read it. This is not not something I expect to happen, only that I would love to see it, and I'm just so bored I feel like being somewhat constructive.

A persistent world made up of player made factions and territories represented on a map hosted by Reverie. Each territory would have it's own level and specific bonuses that increase in power based on level, these bonuses would only work within x number of jumps from it, so a bonus from one side of the world won't do anything for a battle on the other side of it.

Each MMO mode worldmap skirmish would give worldmap resources that can be used to capture uncontested territories and upgrade territories your kingdom owns, worldmap resources would be accumulated for a kingdom from regular matches based on resources left/length of game/win or lose. If the winner and loser both have the same amount of resources, the winner gets aprox. 4x the amount of worldmap resources.

A skirmish is a fight between two kingdoms that does not involve territories OR you could make it a lesser version of attack where if you win as an attacker you take a certain amount of level(s) off the territory you're attacking and if you lose they gain a level or maybe just resources. As with territory wars attacking without an adjacent territory costs significantly more.

For territory wars a leader of the kingdom would select a territory to attack from or to chose to attack without an adjacent territory which costs significantly more and within x hours the challenged team would select the settings ie; 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc. and when the fight will take place within a given window from when the attack was launched. Both sides can choose which players will be at the battle, to balance numbers a kingdom's defenders can defend unlimited amounts of battles, attackers can only attack once in a certain period and after they've attacked they cannot defend and vice versa. This gives numbers an advantage, but not an insurmountable one.

In order for an attack to be launched the attacker must pay a large amount of resources, for each level of the defending territory they pay more. After the minimum is reached any more spent on the attack will give bonus troops/resources. The defenders can choose to spend worldmap resources as well to gain an advantage, they also get a bonus to their army/resources based upon their territory level. Capping this or not is up to the devs, I would say no and just balance income and the return on the investment. If the defenders are successful they retain control of their territory and gain a full territory level. If the attackers are successful they gain control of the territory and the territory loses half of it's levels unless you pay several times the cost of each level. Short of successful defenses territories can only go up a level once a day, say 30~50 levels max, or no max at all and make the increases very small. Thus fortifying a small area and letting it build up to high levels is possible and has it's benefits.

In order to balance expansion each new territory beyond the first would cost more to upgrade, and after a certain percentage of the map is under your control you would start to suffer from such expansion and depending on how far over this soft cap you go your territory levels will go down anywhere from once every few weeks to once a day preventing any growth once you reach an extreme level of control.

Independent players are their own 'kingdom' on the map until they join another player or group of players.

Another idea is to simply create a dumbed down version where two sides go at it in an event thing for bragging rights instead of actual territory control, instead of something this elaborate two groups of players can declare 'war' on one another and they each start with x amount of territories on a mirrored world map and fight using a slightly modified ruleset from above. Significantly easier to add, could probably even be done by modders with enough time on their hands, a lot less depth though.

Any thoughts or opinions? I'll add more as time goes on and refine the ruleset etc.
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