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Old 07-11-2009, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
are we allowed to create units of mixed races? like say elvish and dragon or something? and say if we take a picture but then draw it ourselves will that count because i drew it? i cant really draw well from my own imagination. i have to look at something and then i can draw really well from there (not tracing, i hate it when ppl think i traced a drawing)
Uh... I dont know about elves and dragons, but I'm looking for units that are within the 3 playable races. I guess you can make human-elf, I dont know about orc-elf but orc-dragon is just...weird.
And well it's true, creativity counts, and it should be your imagination. But I'll remind you that a picture is not required! They're just for fun. And I'm sure you can come up with something.

Nickson: Right now there is no deadline. When I feel like we have enough entries, I'll put up a deadline, which is probably going to be a few days from then. Yes you can edit your post as long as I am aware of it. I don't want any cheating.

Right now we have 5 entries, Ben's doesn't really count since he's DoFS staff and he'll get a private key anyway. So I think maybe 5 more entries will do, and then I'll put up a deadline.

Also, I've made a slight revision to the contest. The FIRST winner will get a beta key to the FIRST closed beta. The other 2 will get keys for later stages.
Also, you're not going to receive keys right away, they'll be sent to you when you're closer to the beta.

Thanks for entering everyone, and good luck!
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