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Old 07-05-2009, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
The person who "stole" the map will play it, as will those who join his game (either naively or inattentively) and automatically download the modified map. Also people who don't bother to check if the version they're playing is made by the "real" author.

I'm not arguing against you here. I totally agree a community-driven process is the only real solution. However, I still think there are three good arguments why a read-only flag complements it well:

1) As mentioned, it gets rid of little kids with little sophistication who may flood both the database with bootleg versions of the map, a convenience for everyone involved.
2) Regardless of what community-based solutions are approached, some people will want map "protection". If Reverie doesn't offer it in their map editor, they will find a way to achieve this using third party programs.
3) It makes it explicit whether a player approves or disapproves others modifying his map.
I wouldn't call it arguing at all, there's little to discuss until the new update, might as well discuss this until then.

1) It should get to the point where people get a popular map from the database as soon as it's updated, and only play totally new maps or ones they have. As a rule on battlenet for example, I know all the games I like, and I have the official versions from the original creators for them, if I select a game of one of these and I don't have the map, I simply pass it by knowing it's likely some child's editing. Everyone should be like this, it's part of the community's responsibility to keep rubbish like theft under control.

2) Which is perfectly understandable, if the desire is so strong that they're either corrupting it or they implement this, I'd prefer a read-only of course. However I think the focus should be on making it so that the reasons that people want to protect their map are mitigated. The ability to be able to tell who/when a map is uploaded goes a long way, the inevitably smaller community this game will have will also help.

3) To be fair that takes little more than a little text somewhere in the editor.

I don't believe read-only is needed, the cons for me outweigh the positives. I've seen too many maps discontinued over the years because of people protecting their work.
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