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Old 07-05-2009, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
Then this isn't exactly on topic. This thread is specifically about map protection in stopping people from easily copying a map (ie, a read-only flag). Of course an online database with timestamp will allow for a community-driven authentication process, but it won't stop people from creating their own edited versions of popular maps. I'm talking about apples, you're talking about oranges.

A) People can always create their own maps from scratch. User-driven content will always ensure there is something new.
B) Any system will invariably be cracked. As I wrote initially, a read-only flag would effectively keep out thirteen year old kids who want to add cheats or a super-power unit to their favourite map. Anyone with real sophistication would crack it in a heartbeat.
It IS on topic as it totally supersedes the need for protection. People aren't going to play bootlegged versions over a legit when they know exactly which are legit and which aren't. Using everything I've laid out someone 'stealing' a map and changing it for whatever reason, it won't matter at all. Nobody will play it. The reason people play maps that aren't legit on say, battlenet. Is because there is no clear way of telling which is and isn't, there is no central database, there are 5-6 with different uploaders and names etc. then there's the directly from bnet itself. All that a central database needs is a little bit of bandwidth to host everything and it lets the community know what is legit and what isn't, and gives them an easy way to GET the legit so it's not too much of a hassle that they'll play the bootlegged version anyway.
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