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Old 07-05-2009, 12:08 AM
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the method of protection is simply the fact that there is a way to KNOW who the original creator is - as far as continuing afterward if the creator is to disappear
Then this isn't exactly on topic. This thread is specifically about map protection in stopping people from easily copying a map (ie, a read-only flag). Of course an online database with timestamp will allow for a community-driven authentication process, but it won't stop people from creating their own edited versions of popular maps. I'm talking about apples, you're talking about oranges.

why have read-only maps that way you would get loads of dead maps like somone said and instead have an original uploader and last uploader so people will know that a map is just a copy
A) People can always create their own maps from scratch. User-driven content will always ensure there is something new.
B) Any system will invariably be cracked. As I wrote initially, a read-only flag would effectively keep out thirteen year old kids who want to add cheats or a super-power unit to their favourite map. Anyone with real sophistication would crack it in a heartbeat.
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