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Old 07-04-2009, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
How is this uncrackable? It's anything but! The moment the creator makes his map available for the public to play, they can download it. Once they download the map, it can be cracked. The moment the map is playable by the public, it can be cracked, end of story. Once they've cracked it, they just change the file name and upload it on their own account.

I don't see how attaching the map to an account would change this. If the map creator didn't provide his account to someone else the map is still "dead". In both my case and your's, the map maker must provide the unprotected version to his successor in some fashion. In my case, by giving them a version of the map that is not set to read-only, and in your case by giving access via his account.

You've misread my point I believe. The point is that the map itself is not 'protected' in the sense you are thinking, the method of protection is simply the fact that there is a way to KNOW who the original creator is - as far as continuing afterward if the creator is to disappear, eventually the community will have to decide for itself which map maker that picks up the map if there are more than one.

There is no physical 'protection' it is solely the ability to look up the original creator in a database that is complete that keeps track of dates. Thus the community has the available knowledge to KNOW the original creator, that's all we'll need. It is the then as simple as only playing versions that you know are legit, which isn't terribly hard if you meet all the criteria regarding font/characters I laid out earlier.

Originally Posted by OrcSlayer View Post
why have read-only maps that way you would get loads of dead maps like somone said and instead have an original uploader and last uploader so people will know that a map is just a copy
Glad someone understands my point.
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