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Originally Posted by crex719 View Post
I actually did have a couple more
1) Do outposts come with you to the next land?
2) Any possible way of capturing enemy units?
3) How would pirvate matches (if there are any) work? (with caryying over)
4) You may have notice a game called Two Worlds recently released and has had major lag problems and is not getting fixed anytime soon. Any way to avoid this in this game?
5) Will there be game replays?
1) I ***ume your meaning the army camps, this hasn't been decided yet, as they would be spaced out. We may just allow you to keep the units and recieve either full or a percentage of the cost of setting up the camps.

2) The only enemy units you can "capture" are mounts. In the MMO version of play, we are debating on a system where you would be able to aquire units from other races. However details wont be available until we have thought this concept out in full.

3) You can challenge friends (or anyone that has a username you know) in the MMO mode, however it will be treated like a regular match and you will lose any ***ets, or gain any ***ets you aquire.

4) I haven't played Two Worlds. I have read a little about it, however not knowing the way their system works I couldn't answer how ours would be different. Lag times are something that we are taking very seriously in development and we are working to make MMO play as smooth as possible.

5) We haven't planned on a replay feature. If there is demand for it, and it's not too difficult or costly to impliment, I don't see why we couldn't put one in.