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Old 06-27-2009, 08:17 PM
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I would haphazard those likely to comprise the core demographic/s will be more likely to recognise the connotations present in the game's working title. There is a robust (if somewhat smaller ?) potential category across a spectrum of (also potentially related) formats that is familiar with fantasy elements in the more established sense of the concept/s.

the best example I can give is the Mark of Chaos and Battle March series. I played the game for approximately a year, which by most accounts was not very successful. That is quite true but the reasons for the lack of success are multi-leveled, the efforts Namco went to suppress any gradual community growth are still a source of wonder. There is a massive latent community that wanted to play that game, when the early previews and supposed imminent release info became available for the Battle March expansion (prematurely) the number of new or wayward players coming in on a daily basis spiked. Probably 100-150 each month for two months or so.

but there were problems, many problems with game support e.g., the automatic patch did not work only reporting 'no new content available', therefore new players of diverse cultures and languages could not see any games. Among other enduring issues.

the point is there was always potential and a distinct latent market was already in place waiting to be tapped into, but Namco were resolute in deriding the Warhammer license and their own product until the very end.

speaking of which, even after all this time and so many flaws MoC/BM still has the final remnants of a core community that actively organised role-play themed war campaigns. The eighth will begin early next week..and once more they are attacking Elven regions.

as I said in my opening post I am looking for a new fantasy themed game to involve myself in, soon enough I will compile a few of the screenshots and media releases available to start a discussion in their forums on the potential of Dawn of Fantasy. Like myself, we all want a new realm in which to satisfy our interests.