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Old 06-27-2009, 06:33 PM
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Default new game name and get some advertising out thier!!!!!

i think that you guys should come up with a new game name because to me the games name is a little should i put it.........a mix of girly and childish, i really dont think that a game with a bunch of savage orcs slaughtering some elves in a seige should really be called dawn of fantasy. also i woudnt say that this is a game for younger ppl (im not saying its all that bad) but if i saw on the internet an advertisement for a game called dawn of fantasy i wouldnt think of the type of game you guys are working so hard to create. i would probably think of some mages and trolls sipping tea at at a tea party or someting. unless you guys get some serious advertising going on and show what the game is all about (like commercials on tv or something) the game just wont be as succesful. im only expressing my opinion and im not saying that this game will be a major bust that know one likes or heard of, alls im saying is that i think it will be much more succesful and rewarding to the hard working team members at reverie if they made the name a little more.......i dont know how to put it but i think you cacth my meaning...........hopefully. i think the game you guys are developing is great but no one else is going to even know what it is unless you start advertising and get a more cacthier name for the more older(not 8 year old kids) players