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Old 06-25-2009, 12:07 PM
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is it possible to pause PvP?
Yes - 3 ways this can happen:
-If your on a quest (actual quest map), or inside of NPC capital city, no one can touch you.
-If someone attacks your army or a city, you may choose to decline battle and pay them off instead. After you do this you have an option to play in peace for 30 minutes.
-After you play a battle, you also have the same option to stay out of PvP for 30 minutes.

So, for passive player:
- build up your city, explore the world, fight player vs environment and dedicate yourself to completing quest storyline (but it`ll cost ya in battle wave fees to other players)

And for aggressive player
- fight as much PvP as you want (note that fighting will provide you with alot of loot, better than any turtle economy)
- harass all the players around you, get some of them to pay you off instead of fighting you.

Also on the topic of fight or pay off - players will be able to see how many victories, defeats, and pay-offs you have, so some players seeing your an expirience players will choose to pay you off, even if their army/allies are stronger. A different kind of player, seeing the large number of pay-offs, will fight you (stop the bully kinda thing). Also many players would rather form alliance with a player who likes to bully others (as the risk of their army getting involved is that much higher)
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