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Great discussion so far.

What I was focusing on were two possible problems.

1) Player Fatigue, i.e. will people be playing this for 2+ hours straight?

I don't know about you, but playing multiplayer RTS and MMORPG are different experiences. In an MMORPG, I don't have to constantly worry about being attacked so the tempo can be relaxed or really challenging. In a multiplayer RTS game, you have to be super concentrated the entire game or you'll lose. Which means after 1-3 hours, I'm usually burned out with a RTS while a MMORPG can be played for days....

Another way to put it is in MMORPG mode, will you need 100% focus and concentration or is it possible to pause PvP?

2) What "addictive" features does DoF have like other MMORPG games?

In a MMORPG, there's a lot of respect and bragging rights involved. Nicer weapons, being part of a guild, the satisfying little level ups. In DoF, what's going to be pushing players to keep playing besides gaining land? Is there a MMORPG story/quests? Forming guilds/alliances? War between humans, orcs, etc. over land? Or are we talking more about a persistent RTS game?

Konstantin Fomenko , four years and never got your real name, lol. Got to say, I haven't touched a RTS game or any PC game in years but this might bring me back.

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