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Old 06-24-2009, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
By that do you mean unlock them? or literally buy them... then they may perish and your money is gone...?
It would unlock them. For example, buy the Dwarven Mercenary booster pack and you can now recruit dwarven warriors into your army. These would not necessarily be superior to the enemys' units, just a unique unit with a unique usage.

Will you have to get all the add-ons to play online? Or will whoever you're playing against just not get to use the add-ons for that match?
You will be able to play against people with addons, but not access the addons until purchasing them (or until they are released). The only reason we would require an upgrade would be a full expansion pack, which would add much more than a small $5 booster pack.