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Old 06-21-2009, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Aametherar View Post
I just hope they release the editor a bit before the game and let the community get started, there's work to be done!
No, because you wont be able to test your maps without the game.

Originally Posted by Aametherar View Post
Another thing I think would be great is a simple way to do full on campaign mode custom maps without the usual string 1 map after another, but creating it to mirror the actual campaign, with possible deviations and different paths. I.E. you beat a map 1 way it goes to next map, but if you beat it another it brings you to a different one. Campaigns just own!

Completely easy, just get something to trigger a value, and if that value becomes true it can load a new map, or, well you can attach it or put it anywhere. and do anything with it, you can also make auto save triggers.

For a custom Campaign the user would need to place the maps all in the right place to what the map's file locations requirements are. For this case, thats say that is 'C:\Program Files\Dawn of Fantasy\Scenario\UsermadeCampaign\...'

--Search radius, it searches around an object to detect other unit types.
-- after they are found it sets somevalue to true

local somevalue=false
Trigger.DetectHillTaken=function ()
	for CurUnit in Objects.HillMarker: SearchCircle(1100,1,"Men-Units-Halberdier","Men-Units-Maceman","Men-Units-Peasant","Men-Units-Knight Mounted","Men-Units-Swordsman","Men-Units-Archer") do 
         if CurUnit:Alive() then

--if somevalue is true, load new map

Trigger.HillIsTaken=function ()
  if somevalue==true then
Not only can you just load a new map, but you can save your units and load them into the new map with the same X,Y,Z positions relative to that map*, then offset teleport them to there exact posistions where they where when you loaded the new map; or use the search circle object to create a table to offset the positions of the units relative to the search object, then transfer that table to the new search object in the new map to find the new real world positions based off the offset positions for each unit.
Could easily make a sort of Steaming map Campaign.

LUA scripting is pretty much limitless.
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