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Old 06-20-2009, 11:03 AM
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For the EA bit they are hiring in Waterloo for a "new social gaming platform".

Paradox is a good choice, but I am not sure that they picked it up, a phone call helps, they did not deny it, in fact the guy I talked to never had heard of the game. So I would not rule it out, but if they are they hide it well.

I think we need to look off the beaten path.

We know Telefilm Canada is a big investor since at the earliest 2006 Here

I also checked out a few leads in Telefilm and Through CanDev's and none of them know. I believe it is not one of the ones listed because knowing most of those publishers they would not likely keep this quiet.

But as far as I know I have spent a couple of hours calling a few contacts and have come up completely dry.