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Old 06-17-2009, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by MagicOPromotion View Post
Does anyone have a suggestion for a game that would be cheaper if possible?
Shadowrun can be picked up for next to nothing, halo3 is still a great game too... But if you want to get him a game that is brand new you wont find them cheap... older ones are still good though and come very cheap, especially secondhand...

Originally Posted by Asatru View Post
I think this game would do well on the xbox but game;s like these should be played on pc if you ask me
Yeah agreed, DOF will probably sell well on the xbox too however it wont have much longetivity... not many RTS console games do... C&C and Halo Wars are examples of that... when they came out there were huge numbers of players and now it is rather scarce... :/ However it is a good way to make money considering the pricing of console games compared to pc games...

Some serious advertising will be necessary to really be profitable, especially on consoles... possibly an xbox live demo should be released, they tend to work rather well... especially ones which offer multiplayer functions
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