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Old 06-16-2009, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kyama View Post
Even if it's delayed till 2010. I think they should atleast give us more info. If you guys look at starcraft 2. There is so much info about that game. You know the units, buildings, gameplay, and so much more. We here don't have much to talk about. The only updates so far are screenshots. And tell you guys the truth, I don't even look at starcraft 2's screenshots, I perfer replays(1v1 mostly).
Well, you have to keep in mind that we are not Blizzard Entertainment. We do not have the manpower to maintain a detailed showcase of every unit with multiple videos and a page of lore about them.

We also do not have our game set in stone yet. Starcraft 2 is a sequel, they are able to show gameplay footage early on in development because many things are already set in stone from Starcraft 1.

Anyway, we are currently discussing a new type of update which I think you would enjoy, kyama.