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Old 08-28-2007, 11:29 PM
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Default Pause Ability

I'd like to see some sort of pause ability in Dawn of Fantasy. Not in multiplayer, that would be ridiculous for obvious reasons, but in the single player campaign and skirmishes.

I've said this before, games can get a little hectic, and it never hurts to take a step back without actually removing yourself from the combat. Some of you may know about BioShock, BioShock did this really well. Holding down the Right or Left Bumper (I mean this feature for both the PC and 360 versions of Dawn of Fantasy) you can pull up your list of weapons or plasmids and it will pause the game and let you choose one of either that best suits the situation.

So I think if done properly, a pause feature could be really good. Say for example, your engaging an enemy army in single player, you hit (for very rough example) Z or the Right Bumper, it pauses the game so long as it's held down (or it can be an on off thing). But, you will still be able to move around the map, select units, and give orders, and those orders will be carried out after the pause button is let go. Let's say for example, you've got some knights up on the hill, and your in fighting below the hill, trying to keep all your units in line, pull back the right people, ect, ect. You suddenly see some archer units march up behind them, well, you can drag yourself over to those knights wasting valuable time, or you can pause, switch over, tell them to attack, then drag yourself back over and let go of the pause.

Some people might complain about realism, but how is the general (you) waiting until you have the units in plain site from a birds eye view to give them the order more realistic than the general (you) just shouting, knight attack those archers. On the console version, I think the pause feature would allow for a much more easier and smooth gameplay experience, making up for a lot of the short comings consoles experience when hosting RTS games.

Hotkeyes (Not available on the console) do a good job of easing this, but for people like me who can often get flustered during a game and often end up sacrificing units in split second decisions, even with the use of hot keys, it's nice to be able to take a short break from all the chaos and access the situation.


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