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Old 06-11-2009, 07:40 AM
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Therefore Relating Dof's Quality with comparison to our old outdated Sh*tty websites is quite an unjust opinionitive judgment.
I'm not claiming the new site designer is responsible for the outdated websites, and I'm looking forward to his future designs, even if they use flash. But I'm very glad you agree that the websites are sh*tty; that makes me optimistic on the high standards you will hold for future designs.

And I think the way a company handles themselves on trivial manners is very much related to how they handle themselves in the industry itself.

I'm beginning to realize why 99% of core game developers do not relate with the public anymore, distractions, criticism, and looping answers answered before defiantly does not help production times.
I've seen no looping answers. From the looks of your comments, you agree with me on the website's poor quality. If criticism is distracting you, ignore it; but keep in mind that I have good intentions, and keep in mind that this is a very small criticism compared to the critique you'll face when you have a finished product.

Aro_, can I see some of your site designs?
Here are the only three I'm willing to show any person who does not know me personally; for privacy reasons.

Aro_, your not offering your own services, are you?
No, it is *very* safe to say that I am not. I'm far too busy, although I love discussing web design. (And critiquing! But you guys probably aren't fans.)

Web-designing is not a particularly competitive market and they it is needed very often so many companies take what they get without complaining
That's not true at all. If a company can't reach a customer because of an awful web designer, they are paying for nothing. That's the key to telling the difference between a real web designer and a fraud; one uses the web medium to let the business reach a much wider audience, and the other doesn't care about the business or the audience.

How can you be so tech savvy and still use dialup?
Location, location, location. The websites still bite the big one on my work's hyper-fast connection.

Anyway I really don't want to start an arguement I'm just trying to help you understand. One person complaining on behalf relatively few people for such a trivial matter will not work with a company that plans to reach many gamers. Most games require broadband to play.
My argument is that, by presenting the design in such a manner, a company will not reach nearly as many gamers/customers. People don't care about flash or graphics; while design plays a part, they care far more about content. Here's an article you may find interesting.

Don't present your assumptions and opinions as facts, it won't convince anyone.
As a professional web designer, I present experience, not fact.

I think Reverie's web designer could salvage a lot of info from this page for the next flash-based design. Check out this article too.

also, flash is standard now whether you like it or not.
Flash never *was* the standard, and never will be. Any reasonable business uses flash sparingly, and any reasonable designer avoids flash like the devil. For instance, look up the W3C guidelines for flash. If you're having trouble, that's because there are none.

Really, I think this is a healthy argument.