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Originally Posted by kyama View Post
I never liked squads, now i'm judging from dawn of war 2. It might be different in dof. But I would rather they stick to more traditional gameplay.
One of the appeals of general MMO games is that the player is able to develop a character/ avatar and the work that the player puts forth reaps rewards of strength and power. This hero class squad would have all the same properties and functionality of a normal hero class, but it would just have more than a single unit fighting each battle and roaming around. So, a player could still feel that sense of self in that hero class squad. I'm think even 3-4 units to consist of the hero class squad would be really cool to play with. Equipping each of those units with armor, weapons, etc. isn't the point but it would be a cool function. The point is to just look at more than one unit taking out many enemy troops. Stat and equipment gains could act exactly like a normal hero class.