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Old 06-10-2009, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by fyro11 View Post
Aro_, your not offering your own services, are you?
Sounds like it is a round-about way for doing so... but perhaps... Maybe he is being competitive with the 'I'm a better web-designer than you'

Web-designing is not a particularly competitive market and they it is needed very often so many companies take what they get without complaining (especially small/local companies) add that to the fact that human nature is that we have pride in what we do and see it in a better light (usually better than what it really is) you can use the case Dylan Bales provided as evidence of that...

I agree that we shouldnt argue over this however I do personally like Reverie's site and yes I do respect his opinion however that he deludes himself that he is a majority and can insult the webdesigner for it... That I do not believe in...

Aro... may we see some webdesigns you have produced? and for which companies?
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