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Old 06-10-2009, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Can I buy some of that 'Sunflower' you have? I'd like to feel really happy for a few days too.

Reverie has 1 webmaster, Ryan, who has been pretty much inactive for the last few years until recently. Therefore Relating Dof's Quality with comparison to our old outdated Sh*tty websites is quite an unjust opinionitive judgment. Regardless, I agree with you and I've suggested abolishing most of our Flash for Textbased-Infomationitive design before in the past which failed. Our forum does need a changing as text is hard to see if your monitor's contrast is high.

I'm beginning to realize why 99% of core game developers do not relate with the public anymore, distractions, criticism, and looping answers answered before defiantly does not help production times.

Aro_, can I see some of your site designs?
Hmm that makes me kinda sad Joseph.

1 of the major things i like here is that the company also take's time to post on there forums and answer quistions, like you already said, about 99% doesnt bother with that anymore, so you guys are that 1% that does it and its great !!
Fact is if you read this threat only Aro_ has real issue's here but what i dont get is.

If you dont like what you see what are you still doing here ?

I think its okey to make a threat that says to this company ' hey this could be improved ' but your getting on a fine line here with insults about things here.

So lets keep it nice and simple.

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