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Old 06-09-2009, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Aro_ View Post
Any web designer or e-marketing/usability guru would agree. They'd be crazy if they didn't. And please understand, this isn't a matter in which you would agree with me, because it's one-sided; but I'm saying outright, as a professional web designer, your site hardly meets the standards of a growing game development company. It's actually backtracking and scaring away customers, and that will affect how you operate in the long run.

You define high quality as a pretty site with good graphics. I define high quality as a website that's both pretty and everybody can use it. I am *not* insulting you guys or your company; it's not an insult if I think the Reverie web designer is inexperienced and the company itself is highly inexperienced at e-marketing. Rather, it's an unflattering observation. I would like you guys to understand how people use your website so you could become more effective on the online medium, which appears to be your *only* medium; the suggestions I gave and problems I listed are serious. I'm not goofing around or trolling you, and I wouldn't have posted here if that was my intention. As a first time visitor and somebody who strongly values website usability, I can accurately represent the sentiments of average users. (Sadly, they can't represent themselves; any average users are likely to have ran away after trying to navigate this dreadful website.)

I apologize for my overly blunt statements, but I'm not going to fluff it up for decency's sake. I honestly view it as an awful website. I would think honesty along with constructive critique would be refreshing.

I value it; it's called "constructive criticism", and it's hardly flaming. I know for a fact that people out there can design a better site than me, and whenever I design a website, I make sure to get criticism from various sources so I know what to improve upon. Reverie doesn't do that; thus, the designs are ineffective. I understand it's insulting for a designer to hear blunt comments like "you have an awful website"; but I say nothing that I don't back up with suggestions that *would* help.
So far, most people that I have heard from like the website, mostly the idea of being able to flip the pages. You are right, that having an html version of a website is a great idea as well. It's always great to get criticism from people, it took me a long time to ever want to take criticism; whenever I was making campaigns for AoM for fun, people used to call them crappy, telling me what to change, and say bad things about them, and I hated them for it, and almost gave up; I realize now that they were just trying to help, but I never really listened back then.

I doubt this company hired someone inexperience to design the website; the web designer was probably given instructions on what to make, and didn't design it alone, so it wasn't because of the web designer.

Also the website is old, and so is the flash version used on it, so the new website will update all of that.

I only wanted to work for Reverie because I saw the website of Dawn of Fantasy, and I thought the site was amazing; I saw screenshots of the game; I clicked a link I found in someone's signature on Heavengames to come to the website. I thought the game looked impressive, and I wanted to work for Reverie.

When I first went to the website, I was impressed by the page flipping feature of it, and the screenshots, and everything I saw there. Most people who have come here were impressed by something about the website, otherwise they wouldn't be here, other than the spammers and bots, but bots aren't people, so they don't count.

I think the forums are perfectly readable, but I guess you might have an older monitor, mine is flat screen. I still do think that it would be a great idea to allow changing of the forum theme, fonts, font size, etc.