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Old 06-09-2009, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Aro_ View Post
I value it; it's called "constructive criticism", and it's hardly flaming. I know for a fact that people out there can design a better site than me, and whenever I design a website, I make sure to get criticism from various sources so I know what to improve upon. Reverie doesn't do that; thus, the designs are ineffective. I understand it's insulting for a designer to hear blunt comments like "you have an awful website"; but I say nothing that I don't back up with suggestions that *would* help.
Constructive criticism can be done also without the part where you say to person who do that for a living or studied it or x reason that he is dumb, that he does not have an idea how to create websites.

Here for example ... i study archaeology and here can be many different opinions about specific stuff. And there is one person who did a theory about something but i think hes wrong and i have different. I wont go to him and flame him because my idea have more supporting facts, like he was wasting his time on studying or he is looser or things like that, but rather i will go too him and say my opinions, my argues and we would talk about it saying each other opinion and how we did get to that. but at end it is his choice to leave or keep his idea and i must respect that, because we do have our own different view over things and can be some things more important than others or many many other things.

I am not saying that constructive criticism-arguing about different ideas is bad just you started wrong way. First you must know every person has its own mind and can make decision on their own and we all have different things we like or dont like. in your post it is written like you force them to change that like they have no choice.
And it is very restricted to person about what you like or not. Reverie and some ppl think its good website, on other side you and few others who think different. I see here 2 different argues which are both thoughtful, reasonable and good and both have ups and downs, so it really doesnt matter so much about what to do, it is just matter what will the owner of this game choose and i think he did their idea. And about loosing ppl because of that ... few ppls gone and new few comes because of that so it isnt big deal.

And their site is atm my number 1 of what i seen in my life and many ppl as i see also think it is very good and ppl who would come first time it will be soo good the thing they see/saw they will want to know more despite any troubles you stated there. The ppl who refuse to look on this website because of that are the ones who wont really also play /like it. And as i saw new shots of new website it is just even more shockingly beautiful 10/10 or 5 stars whatever you want =).

Ok and here little help how you can do that "constructive criticism":
i have seen your website and there are few things that bothers me and would do it differently ...... (and you stated them here without any insults or attacks or things like you force them to change).
So here you dont loose your honesty or constructive criticism and make it better to read without hurting also anyone.....

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