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Old 06-09-2009, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Aro_ View Post
Whoever designed these websites clearly has no idea how to design a website, much less a flash variation for a video game.
Ok you gone little too far now here, you know other ppl out here are also humans just like you and have feelings (so it is not proper to insult everyone around if you feel so)..... how would you like/feel if someone who think just because he dont like you/your work comes on some forum or in real life, in front of ppl and starts to flame you, again just because he didnt like your idea and thought he can do better or have better ideas? like in school you have a presentation and teacher gives you good mark and your schoolmate points at ya and says it was crapy, you dont deserve the mark just because the same reasons as before? i bet you wouldnt feel good (well teacher/ppl would not change their opinion just because that nor the person who flame ya, but you would feel bad).

As for the point, where in your opinion he has no idea... well Reveire has their own choice who will create specific thing and if they like that than its ok... no you and me or anyone other have the right to insult or flame him that he suck if they like him (tho if he really dont have idea he would been fired or not hired at first place). As here me and MANY others think that, even now that we dont have new version of webside out, it is good one and the work of an talented person/s. And bdw noeone can do a thing that will make ppl like it 100%.

Here you just show as how much inmature you are in your own constructive post.....
And for the last i expect your apology to them and to take your words back.
(tho you can just say you would do it different and not insult if ppl arent doing as you want)

And some moral story of the day which doesnt stack to this post. Isnt nice if you smile to someone or just say he is good even if he didnt do something good and make than his whole day better ?=). if i remember i can recal if someone said how good i did somethin or how good i was in something it made that day 100% better or even for few days i was like sunflower. In these times there is too little meaning in relationships between ppl and knowing how little we can do to make one persons day better (even if you just smile to him when you are passing him on the road, you never know how much it would mean that to him or what kind of problems he have). And no money or our selfish thoughts should mean more than other ppl.
And isnt better if someone do something bad that than you help him that he will do it good instead just of flaming him and making this way yourself looking more important? Ppl nowdays just look how to be competitive, make money and make themselves more important than others or just showing how good they are and others bad.

And for the end i at least always before i am not sure if something will hurt others, i ask myself how would i feel if the same thing would do others to me (but even this can fail). And no hurting ppl for x reason is not good or acceptable.

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