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Old 06-09-2009, 04:30 PM
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Andy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really nice

Aro, you are assuming one thing: almost everyone agrees with you. Every person I've shown the Dawn of Fantasy site too (even non-techy people) love it. I thought it was great the first time too, it gave me a good impression and made me want the game.

We do care about the public, but we also care about making a lasting first impression. If we push away the 2% of non-flash users and the small amount of dialup users (most of which don't play online games anyway) but at the same time draw in many many people because of a really high-quality website, so be it.

Oh, and I had absolutely no problem with the colors on the Reverie forums when I first joined..In fact I liked them. So have other people I have forwarded to this site.

If a design company is willing to lose a large percentage of their audience for a tedious, stupid reason like "using flash to stay competitive", what does that say about your company's development skills? How many user-friendly features *in the game* will you kill or what audiences will you alienate just so your game looks cool?
We do not use flash to stay competitive. We use flash because we believe it is a very good medium.
Aro, you are getting heated up and starting to insult us because you want to prove your point. Calm down a bit. Also remember that not everyone agrees with you. You are trying to speak for the average user who visits this site when you are not the average user. You are a very internet-savvy user who has dialup, two huge differences with a majority of people who will visit our game's site.