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Old 06-09-2009, 01:47 PM
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Thanks for the feedback Aro_.

However you are mistaken on a couple things.

Flash. It's stupid.It makes the site load slower. It prevents a website from being properly indexed by search engines. And what's the most upsetting is that it puts limitations on me, the viewer and I can't increase the font size, I can't press the back button. Some people can't even view flash, which further reduces a potential audience.

You are right, some people cannot view flash. However statistics show that 98% of all internet users have flash. Also to be competitive with other video games in our market having a flash site is pretty much your only option. Really if you don't want to have flash at this point in time you are really limiting your own browsing experience, many major sites require flash to browse.

The rest is all left up to the designer. The current website has a lot of limitations, however the current website is encoded to play with Flash Player 6, it's a pretty old format which did have quite a few limitations.

When your saying the site loads slower that's a hard comparison. It depends on if you are viewing the same design, will your CSS/HTML site include background music and sound effects, will your CSS/HTML site include embedded video. If not, of course your Flash site will take longer it has more content to load. If you are using just base graphics and text then your flash site may load a fraction of a second slower but nothing most people will notice.

The control of text size can be implemented by the flash designer if they want to control that option.

Flash websites can be properly indexed by search engines and a lot can be done for search engine optimization. Your statement is completely false. (note that even though Dawn of Fantasy's website is in flash we still are the first link in google, this is due to the domain name, and doesn't reflect the design of the site what so ever).

As for the hidden keywords on the RWS site, I have no clue with that. On my original copy on my hard drive I don't even have any meta tags added.