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Old 06-09-2009, 11:08 AM
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Hmm well i'm also a web designer so here are some comment from me about this

Flash. It's stupid.

I cant really agree with that statement.
Now a days you are pretty much expected to have a good flash website ( at least for a game company ) and DoF has if you ask me a pretty good 1 ( yes it has some issues )

The main issue with it is ,if you are on the overview menu and would like to go to say Race's it will do the following.

Overview - features - etc etc - till it come's to race's.
Instead on most site's it will just go right away to race's ( well in this example then! )

So thats kinda giving you extra loading time ( but who care's anyways :P its just a sec or 2!! )

The navigation is awful.

Navigation on both site's is pretty easy you just click on the things u want to know more about, nothing of a real challange there

I do agree that when you click for further information it loads into a new web-page, which is kinda weird if you ask me, you can just make a bigger text screen on the same page to do this.

the forums are ugly

Well about the forums, i just want to say thisl

Show me a forum thats really good looking! forums are there for tons of information and not to look shiny & pretty ( its a bonus ofc, but mwhe this is good enough )

I myself have not experience any problems with fonts or the size of them, but this might have to do with resolutions you are watching it in.

Hidden keyword bomb

Well to be honest i dont really care what they put in there to get more hits.
Most ppl don't check source code anyway( why where you :P! )

But i do agree with you its kinda weird for a game company to have such things as keywords.

Anyways that was just my 50 cents on this post.

By all means i'm not a hardcore fanboy ( i'm planning to be 1 though!! )
But i dont think the website & forums aren't all that bad.

Its not the best flash website out there, but certainly not the worst ( or even close to being called badly )

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