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Old 06-09-2009, 09:15 AM
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nickson104 is someone to look uptonickson104 is someone to look upto

The Text is fine in size... It is not hard to see, and if you are experiencing troubles you could easily zoom in OR just above your post that you are typing there is a size and font buttons see? we could type them bigger if you like?

Admittedly the site needed improving but it is irrelivent as the new one is currently being developed

The forum background isnt 'that' ugly... it may not be extremely appealing but it is easy to put up with, there isnt much wrong with it really... As for the links... I quite like the colour, I detest brightly coloured stuff and the links are not that bright thank god It isnt as if they are so dark you cant tell between text and links? exactly....

As for the links... what you think brought us here... i joke!!!

The post was constructive, but I was surprised about some of the stuff you complained about...
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