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Old 06-09-2009, 08:07 AM
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Andy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really nice

Hello Aro. (I am Impeached at AoKH if you don't know that yet)

Anyway, I kind of agree with your sentiments about the company website. I've always thought it's kind of lacking and really hard to navigate. Except I do not agree that flash is a bad medium.

We do have a website designer, a very good one IMO (Ryan Zelazny). Although I'm not sure if he designed the company's website, he is designing our new one. In fact, our previous publisher wants to hire him since they saw the WIP of the new DoF site.

The hidden keywords .. I have no idea why those are there, perhaps we downloaded some sort of base to use for our site's development and it came with those. I'll see to it they're removed.
EDIT: Removed the keywords..

I'll see if I can talk to Ryan about fixing up the Reverie World site a little bit (tone down brightness, font size up). Thanks for the suggetsions, Aro.