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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Heroes will not be "that" powerful. Don`t forget that you`ll see armies from 100 units early game to 2000 unit strong late game assaulting the castle. Hero if used properly should be able to take out 25 (lvl 1), 75 (mid level), 200 (maxed out). And don`t discount the fact that your regular units also gain experience and improve over time.
I guess I couldn't ask for much better. I don't remember where it was said in the forums, but one of the mods said that squad experience progression has a probability to create instances like in the movie "300" at Hell's Gates. I thought this aspect and possibility was spectacular. I wonder how experience will be distributed amongst units with and without a hero present. This also makes me wonder if "elite" squads will follow a person in the MMORTS mode (as long as they survive). I'm sure heroes will be an integral part of the game strategy, but I would love to be able to bring some hardcore forces to the battle on a regular basis.

On a separate note, maybe your "Hero class" could even be a small squad that has properties of a normal hero. I like this conceptual option a lot, and I suppose the squad would resemble a Dawn of Warhammer unit with the leader addon. The squad could still accept quests, and spend resources out in the field like normal. Just something to consider.