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Old 06-07-2009, 11:05 AM
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they might have underestimated how long it would take to do a good job
Right on the mark. Also the big delay was redoing all the art assets back in 2006 - but that something that had to be done.

Here`s the production screenshots..I picked the 2 most impressive screenshots from each year.If someone has more screens from 2001-2003, post them up!

Indie team, few members, DoF as a hobby

The humble beginning at Heavengames forums

Our faked engine tech trailer with no animations - notice the stuning level design, it`s the only thing we had to show for back then.

First animated units battling it out - note the high poly models

We took the technology and art assets we had as far as we could.

Independent Developer, team expanded to 20+, 3 members started to work full-time

We scraped all old art and started on visual update and getting Elven and Orcish races in.

Things really started to take shape in 2006. Campaign and skirmish, new art, although visual technology still needed work.

Company office moved to Canada, 7 members started to work full-time, good amount of funding came our way and this turned into a job

DoF as we all know it now. From that point on most of out time was only spent on gameplay, and mmorts, the new idea we got in Feb 2007.