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Old 05-31-2009, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
Damn you ppl you took my orc jokes literary =P, and you missed the point at 1., tho life is not so simple =) and you missed the point of playing all the time and not just playing it. I dont say ppl shouldnt play games or anything like this, my point is that no life or close to this playing games shouldnt be supported and that is point of my first post if you ppl would read it actually and not just complaining that you are not the tipe that says there, you have life blabla...... I just did a general conclusion of behaviour of the "hardcoregamer" and did not say any of you or anyone here is. I wanted just a start to prove the point of those paragraph lower. And i did that to point out esport and with it some other and similar stuff too. So if you make any more post about that please read the whole paragraph because your posts are wrong and pointless crying about something that i havent said. And it is polite if you are qouting or referring to tha that you at least read whole thing. (sorry i just needed to clear things up not trolling/spam a post so this is my last post about it)
be careful round here bro