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Old 05-30-2009, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
And nickson104 if ppl play games all the time, that is not only because they like the game.

And about the balance ... balance can never be 100% done and that is fact/rule except in perfect environment (where you have identical shape of land, buildings and soldiers...) . Only orcs seems to be ridiculous overpowered on pictures =P (omg the sizeeeee =O).
1.) I only play a game if I like it. Why would you play a game if you didn't like it? I can maybe see someone playing a game they don't like with a friend that likes it. Otherwise thats the exact reason people play games...THEY LIKE IT! its fun, they connect to it in some way, etc, etc.

2.) Of course balance is never perfect. Also size and shape has not a single thing to do with balance. Only stats. So if I was to see a Child and a Giant should I think the Giant is the stronger? I go and knife the Giant with my Ninja skillz, then turn around and, uh oh the child has a Thermal Detonator in my face.

Originally Posted by kyama View Post
It's funny, how many people seem to know game is balanced. And I looked all over this site to just see one unit. How do you guys know it's balanced when you don't know units. Unless, I'm missing something. Where can I get more info on units, and buildings?
And is there a replay of a 1v1 matchup between devs out that I can observe?
Its cause as you can see many of us have been here for a while. And we have the collected knowledge (Memories) of different chats that have gone on. Not everything is done under that type of Thread Topic like said above.