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Look at Sins of a Solar Empire for an example of how that turns out. They basically took the Warcraft III hero system (for capital ships) and incorporated it into a game with hundreds of units.

A few things become apparent relatively quickly. First, so long as you can keep them leveling up as your fleet grows in size and power, capital ship strength actually scaled throughout the game. They offered unique abilities to complement your fleet, scaling combat strength, and invaluable support roles. Secondly, even though the capital ship cap is actually quite high (up to 16 if the game goes long enough) most people have relatively few. A few high level capital ships are more valuable than many low level ones. Late game their damage wasn't a huge deal, it was their special abilities that gave them presence, and if these are well designed they remain dangerous from start to finish.

Overall, I'm convinced that "heroes" can work and scale well into huge army games, but they have to be done right. We'll have to wait and see what Reverie has in mind for them, as spellcasters are going to be separate from the hero system.