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Old 05-29-2009, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrdash View Post
Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post

Also if I remember rightly...
That should say "If I remember 'Correctly'", ahhh I love correct him then get corrected yourself XD

Also that post was super long and I got lost after the first paragraph and just skipped to the last paragraph lol. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.
Here in Wales, 'rightly' is the term of speech we use, correctly is more grammatically viable yes but rightly still is a word that suits the sentence

And yeah same as me I saw the first paragraph... then decided to skip the rest of the post, the first paragraph was far too much of a rant for me to bother to read the rest...
In response, people dont play games all the time because their life sucks... perhaps they like games? simple as... Im perfectly happy with my life; i have plenty of friends, im popular enough to get by, i am healthy and yes i do get out... But one of the things I enjoy most is a good computer game, whether it be RTS, RPG, FPS or others depends how i feel at the time.

Such a rant is justifiable yes but unnecessary and unwanted, in future please refrain as it may offend people.

And to get back on topic.... Yeah the game looks to be well balanced and yes pretty much all developers struggle to balance a game well but that is what patching is for right? and I have full faith in Reverie, they will deliver for us....
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