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Old 05-27-2009, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by kyama View Post
I was just wondering are you guys balancing each race. Or would it be an advantage to pick one race over the other. Reason why i ask if this game is to make it as an esport, it would have to be balanced or are you not interested in making it an esport?

I told people about this game and many say it looks fun, but it would probably not be esport friendly and will be imbalanced.
This game should never become an esport, actually no game should be that. Ppl are just to lazy to go out and do some real sport or just do some real life stuff. Ppl in games just need to show others how good they are, how they are brave or evil .. how they can own them all and stuff cuz they are lowlife or their real life is a big fail and they are too scared or lazy or whatever to make it better. Sorry i am just an big racist of computer game geeks. They think they are kings in their little imaginary world but losers and nothing (big zero) and empty in real one. And about balancing (sarcasm) no they want to make elves better so i can pew pew all here muahahaha.
As you said in conclusion this game would probably not be an esport but not cuz of imbalances (or at least it shouldnt for a people sake).

Well i will make this post little longer , i would say about responsibility. It is like designing an ultimate bomb which would destroy half of planet. And there is one Fred (imaginary name =P) who invented it. So here comes the responsibility to protect from the misusing it, so noeone would destroy half of the world, or you can just destroy papers and hide the idea and wait for someone else to figure it out (soon or later there will someone invent it if not him) and make him to decide about responsibility. Because the one who invented the bomb without protecting the misuse he is same guilty as the one who throw the bomb.
As to the topic, computer (not just game) designers should have that in their mind, about responsibility that destroy a children life because soooo cool game came out he couldnt stop playing it and parents didnt know how to react. What if those children would become top scientist who would bring peace to the world or found atlantis or made cure to all of the diseases, what if they would become your best friend? ..... Well as we know the computer disease is spreading faster than a plague and we cant walk on the road with our eyes closed cuz we are part of it, because of our mistakes, our needs cant and must not suffer others even if they think it is gold for them (they all think that if you are obsessed). It is not moral to make money for the sake of ppl who are obsessed of it instead of helping them (all computers stuff, not just games), referring here especially on world of warcraft and those esport games.
Some ppl say blame the parents because they let their children play too long but i say the responsibility should take also ppl who are dealing the drug around (drugs can be a specific medicine or a killer).

I know we live in a greedy and frustrating world where only money count, and i know ppl must get it for their living and i think making games can be a very beautiful, but dont overdo it and make it an esport or in a way that will consume ppl and that is your responsibility.

Sorry for long post and little offtopic but i felt the need of posting it cuz i like this game and the designers seems to be very talented and dont want to become this in a way that world of warcraft or any other did.
And this post is not intended to insult ppl but rather to make them thinking.
Ever heard that theory which says: make ppl busy, make ppl so busy and working so they wont have time to think for themselves and than we can manipulate with them. This count also for our busy/fast/unhealthy way of life, television, computers and other stuff.

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