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Old 05-27-2009, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by kyama View Post
I told people about this game and many say it looks fun, but it would probably not be esport friendly and will be imbalanced.
And I believe they couldnt be more wrong... this looks to be one of the most well balanced games I can remember as the 3 races all seem balanced with each other and as far as I can remember there are no tideturning units in it really... even the heroes will be balanced unlike on games such as LOTR and C&C where they could take armies down with ease...

Yes each race has it's differences but the advantages will be countered by its disadvantages... and for a change elven archers WONT be extremely OP and even have the ability to pretty much snipe across the map.

Also if I remember rightly... normal weapons such as swords and arrows cannot harm buildings which was an annoying part of many RTS games where walls were destroyed by a few men hacking away at it with swords...
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