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Old 08-24-2007, 10:51 AM
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Well accuracy for ranged units does have quite a few variables.

Line of sight -we've already mentioned- will affect not only fog of war, but also accuracy of ranged units.

Light/Darkness as mentioned in spells will have an effect on accuracy, not only spell-created by regular in general. Weather will also effect this.

Units will have a paticular set accuracy depending on the unit, dumb little goblins are going to have lower accuracy than most. Experience will give the unit a higher accuracy, as well as certain tech upgrades.

Range will have an effect, however I don't believe we've decided on if it's going to be a standard "closer is better" system, or a too far/too close system like the Hunter class in World of Warcraft. Where you'll get a better accuracy if your target is neither too far nor too close to the archer.
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