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Default Lore

Maybe this thing is obvious maybe not, but every good game needs to have good lore/story of their own.

If there is non (just "epic" battles, pointless killing without a cause are boring (for being the best of the best doesnt count here =), and most ppl will know they cant be the best for x reason like me- so this become no reason for them)) ... soon or later you get used to them and you ask yourself why are you doing this or that, whats the point of doing those quests to help/save/gain ppl, to raid someone who will get back in some days anyway and things like that...., but if there is lore (i will take here warcraft which has the strongest lore i have ever seen) the playing get its point.

For example if you play humans you want to revenge the death of Uther or fall of Lordaeron or you can think you are its survivor, or order of silver knight, scarlet crusade who want to get back all plagued lands and so on. This gives the game the new movement and if you like roleplaying and stuff.

My point here is if DoF will have strong lore like warcraft it will gain lots and lots more ppl, like me at warcrft i play world of warcraft from its very start ...i loved pre TBC because the lore .... TBC came out completely destroyed old lore, i said ok i still have paladin and try to go on and on hoping for better days... and now there is WOTLK and i quit, ask why ? because lore was even more destroyed (unbeatable arthas is now together with lich king -should be stronger and he gets owned by "heroes and others" like a pie or Lordaeron is still in forsaken hands, hord in dalaran???.....). My point is WOTLK and TBC had no lore and in my opinion they lost many ppl because of that (there are other comercial reasons why they still have or even more ppl)

The reason i made this thread is because i didnt get the feeling that there is any strong lore (in my opinion the game lose 40-50-60% of my interests if that), that there isnt any character/king that you like them so much you would die for them or any superevil and with lots of background (like at arthas story). There isnt much info out so my fear can be pointless who knows =). And my suggestion is to make strong lore which keeps ppl playing game and giving them the POINT.

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