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Old 05-21-2009, 11:09 AM
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Thanks guys

i'm guessing this image isn't in-game?
Correct, that's a piece of concept art.

the "dawn of fantasy heaven" text on the photos seems awkward. i think it's unnecessary. if you insist on leaving it in, put it in the corner at least so it doesn't look as ridiculous
I will agree with you here. I wanted it at first but was uneasy about the result. I'll see what I can do.

It would be a shame if you kept using stuff like mandatory terrible review guidelines and not letting people embed videos in articles or upload big files.
As the News Director, embedded videos are definitely something I support. I'll see if that's in any way a possibility. The problems are primarily that people may abuse it and that our main techie is extremely busy. His first priority is a server move this week and then hopefully we will see a DoFH site.

As for review guidelines and size limits, we do try to change the guidelines to fit each game. We're always open to feedback as well. And size limits don't exist. We have files of nearly 100 mb.

Any chance of releases such as this for the other races?
Of course. The humans and orcs are up next.

Hey, how do you create an avatar? I've set up Gravatar.
Looks like you've figured it out but the main thing is to make sure you use the same email for your Gravatar account as your HG account. Then you may have to wait a minute and/or clear your cache. And I *believe* HG only accepts PG or G rated avatars.
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