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Old 05-21-2009, 02:44 AM
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miss the days (i.e. last week ) when we could just go to 1 site and get the news and updates... now we got different "fansites" with "exclusive info"... whatever helps get the word out i guess

hope it's easy to get used to the different buildings. they all look very similar...

i'm guessing this image isn't in-game?


the "dawn of fantasy heaven" text on the photos seems awkward. i think it's unnecessary. if you insist on leaving it in, put it in the corner at least so it doesn't look as ridiculous

if you're serious about making it the "downloads center" or whatever like you have with ensemble's stuff (which seems like a real possibility if Reverie doesn't do it themselves), I hope you actually improve the delivery system. The DoF editor looks magnificent. It would be a shame if you kept using stuff like mandatory terrible review guidelines and not letting people embed videos in articles or upload big files. it's 2009. hoping for some progress