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Old 05-21-2009, 01:18 AM
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Default Announcing Dawn of Fantasy Heaven & An Elven Showcase

Friends, Mythadorians, countrymen, lend me your ears.
I am here today to announce the newest Dawn of Fantasy fansite: Dawn of Fantasy Heaven.

Dawn of Fantasy Heaven, the newest part of the HeavenGames gaming network, was launched on Friday, May 15 in celebration of HeavenGames’ 12th birthday. We have been there supporting Reverie World Studios since its initiation, or actually, even earlier, as at least six prominent Reverie developers have been, or still are, active members of the HeavenGames community as staff, design team leaders, scenario designers, or modders.

I can promise you a library of content on every subject you can imagine, our trademark emphasis on scenario design and modding with a downloads center full of user-submitted maps, mods, recorded games, tutorials, and everything else, a plethora of exclusive screenshots, and whatever else you may want to hear. But instead, I will simply leave you with examples of what has come out of DoFH in its first five days as a signal of what is to come. Currently, we have the most comprehensive showcase of the Elven faction, complete with detailed information on the Elven culture, key geographic points, 14 units, and 11 buildings, as well as DoFH-exclusive screenshots and information of the Elven buildings (a must-read for all DoF fans!). This showcase is the first in a long series of unofficial editorials showcasing everything from the three factions, to the world editor, to the campaigns, and to Reverie Online. We also have a unique DoF FAQs thread, a Twitter account briefly providing updates on DoF’s and DoFH’s happenings, and several discussion threads with over 120 posts in the first five days from staff, developers, and members alike. We will also soon launch our first community contest and sit down with Reverie to get the dirt on the world editor and modding capabilities, my personal most anticipated aspects.

If you clicked the link, you would have noticed we do not have a real site at the current time. I am currently working with our graphics guru and coder to establish a permanent, top-of-the-notch website, but until then, we have a single forum for all DoF discussion and preparation for the actual site. We do, however, have pages of pages of documentation for the website so that we will be able to provide the most comprehensive source of content as well as fun, unique contests and guild and design team support. So, on behalf of the HeavenGames community, I hope to see you all there when we do move into this new site.

And Reverie employees, I would highly encourage and appreciate if any of you would take the time to register at our forums and drop in from time to time. If you do decide to register, please post your registered username in this thread or PM me for verification purposes and then I will paint your name in our signature VIP-blue paint.

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