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Old 05-18-2009, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
This is the one thing I abject to. You have a nice site, and are bound to attract plenty of members when, but I believe that no fan-site should receive exclusive content. It creates divisions of information, and pockets of esoteric communities. Devs should spread keep a central bank of all their screenshots, and let communities pick and choose their favourites.
Freedom of information and all that jazz. Without it, who'd have known about all the MPs' expenses?
RTS Community also got a set of exclusive screens quite awhile ago. Not only is it to promote the community site we give them to, it's also so that people from that community site will come visit us here and it's been a success from RTSC as we've gotten quite a few forum members from there. They've also all have been very helpful to us with their input and mature behavior so it's something I think we'll be continuing in the future.

Exclusives in general help us quite a bit, if a media source gets an "exclusive" set of screens, video, interview, etc. we get a larger part of their marketing because they spend time and sometimes money marketing the exclusive. It can work very much to our advantage in terms of getting advertising for DoF. Call it selling out if you will, but I'd gladly be called a sell out if it means more gamers for you guys to play with, and more funding for our future projects for you to enjoy.